Marketing Copy

Postcard Mailers

Believe it or not, the simple postcard mailer is still very effective…if you know how to use it properly. We combine a few different things to get recipients’ attention, and ensure that your mailer sticks around for a while:

  • Professional Design by our team of hand-picked designers, to make sure the postcard is something they want to keep up on the fridge.
  • A Unique Concept that is more useful (and less time-sensitive) to recipients than a simple coupon offer.
  • Compelling Copywriting that notes the benefits of keeping the mailer around.
  • An Offer To Help Track Results: We include a nominal offer of 10% off your service provided they show the card at time of service to help you and your employees see for themselves how much business our mailers generate.
  • Extremely Low Pricing: Since we combine several businesses on one card, we’re able to charge way less than one of these mailers would normally cost–to get a postcard out to 5,000 people in your area would normally cost well into the thousands. We do the same, in a way more likely to be kept around, for a fraction of that.