Postcard Mailers

Believe it or not, the simple postcard mailer is still very effective…if you know how to use it properly. We combine a few different things to get recipients’ attention, and ensure that your mailer sticks around for a while:

  • Professional Design by our team of hand-picked designers, to make sure the postcard is something they want to keep up on the fridge.
  • A Unique Concept that is more useful (and less time-sensitive) to recipients than a simple coupon offer.
  • Compelling Copywriting that notes the benefits of keeping the mailer around.
  • An Offer To Help Track Results: We include a nominal offer of 10% off your service provided they show the card at time of service to help you and your employees see for themselves how much business our mailers generate.
  • Extremely Low Pricing: Since we combine several businesses on one card, we’re able to charge way less than one of these mailers would normally cost–to get a postcard out to 5,000 people in your area would normally cost well into the thousands. We do the same, in a way more likely to be kept around, for a fraction of that.

Emergency Contact Postcards

This is our specialty! Our innovative, professionally-designed concept has a number of advantages over a traditional postcard mailer. Namely:

  • They’re less likely to be trashed by recipients. More people will keep these around for when they need them.
  • A great resource for babysitters and college students, among others–and it says so on the back!
  • Exclusivity–you’ll be the only one in your industry on the card, guaranteed. No competitors!
  • A fraction of the cost of a normal postcard mailer, which would run well into the thousands for design, list purchasing, printing, mailing, and postage.
  • Tracking–we ask that you offer a nominal 10% discount for customers who show the card at the time of service to see exactly how much business the card is bringing in.
  • Small investment means after a few customers, you’ve broken even.  We’ve targeted businesses that cater to “emergency” clients, with an average emergency job income of $150 or more. Consequently, after a mere 6 customers (out of 5,000 sent), you’ve at least broken even.

Normally, to get 5,000 of these postcards designed, printed, addressed, and delivered, factoring in costs for buying a mailing list and postage, would cost well into the four figures, likely over $5,000 or so, or over a dollar per recipient.

But because we’ve designed an innovative mailer that allows multiple businesses with a similar theme to share the costs and benefits, a mailer that’s more likely to be kept (and used) as a reference, and because we are offering rock-bottom pricing for those who get on-board on the ground floor, local businesses can claim their spot on our next mailer for only:



That’s just $0.15 per postcard, or less than the cost of postage!

Plus, act now and lock in that same low price for future mailers! We reward our valuable customers for their loyalty, so if you book the first one at the price above, we’ll guarantee that price for appearing on all future mailers.

And we have volume discounts! Ask about discounts for appearing on 5 or 10 postcards.


We specialize in basic, well-written websites for local small businesses that help customers find you. Each site features:

  • Numerous points of contact and ways for your customers to get in touch with you when they need you;
  • A clean, efficient, easy-to-navigate interface without annoying flash animations and other confusing elements;
  • Custom-written website copy from our professional copywriters;
  • A custom contact form linked to your email of choice; and
  • Branding and color scheme suited to your company’s logo.

Get a custom small business website for just $500, with a $19.99/month hosting and maintenance fee. Add custom email addresses for only $100, plus $5 more per month in hosting and maintenance.



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